'Outback Adventures' Book By Matt Wright

'Outback Adventures' Book By Matt Wright
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Matt Wright – adventure-seeker, conservationist, tourism guru and star of the wildly successful National Geographic TV show Outback Wrangler – is back.

Rescuing endangered species, piloting choppers and coming nose-to-snout with some of Australia’s deadliest creatures is all in a day’s work for Matt Wright. With his mates by his side, Matt ventures into the outback and beyond, managing to get into (and, remarkably, out of) some insanely nail-biting situations.

This new collection of adventures moves from his home in the Northern Territory to the jungles of Borneo to the rivers of the Congo. Follow Matt as he tracks down a monster croc in the Congo, relocates fifty saltwater crocodiles over state borders in the space of a few days, rescues elephants and orangutans (and two giant snakes) in Borneo and spends time at home with his pet crocodile Tripod, and gain some behind-the-scenes insights into the making of some of Outback Wrangler’s most intense moments.

Told with wit, candour and a hit of adrenaline that makes you feel like you’re riding shotgun in Matt’s chopper, Outback Adventures is a ripping collection of unforgettable experiences from a remarkable Australian.